Hypothesis driven design canvas

Data Dao
Data Dao

You’re exploring a new design for your service, with the goal of shortening the path to value for your service users. You say the words “the user will”, and immediately you have made an assumption of your users behaviour. 🤝

This assumption is in fact a hypothesis on how your user behaves. Wouldn’t it be nice to prove this hypothesis, with data? Or the opposite scenario, refute the hypothesis, i.e. prove that the assumption was incorrect? 👩

With the Hypothesis-Driven Designer Canvas, you live by“Knowing is better than guessing”.

Use this template to:
- Define the user need
- Design your solution
- State the hypothesis
- Decide how to test the hypothesis
- Decide what a success looks like

With this approach, you can take data-driven decisions when exploring new designs. 🚀