Pulumi after years of Terraform

Hugo Hjertén
Hugo Hjertén

Do you also use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) when provisioning your cloud resources? So do we at Data Dao! 🏗️

After many years of using the DevOps community's most widely adopted tool Terraform, Hugo has given the new kid on the block a try; Pulumi! With Pulumi you can use your programming language of choice to provision your cloud infrastructure. After setting up pulumi for three separate projects in GCP, he compiled his thoughts. His main takeaways are:

  • Using a SDK - it's so nice to use a real programming language 🙌
  • Logical vs physical name - auto-naming is smart 🏷️
  • Switching state backends is awkward 😬

Give his blog post a read, to see his verdict. Is it worth moving to Pulumi from Terraform? (Spoiler: yes!)